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Editor's Wife's Note: Yes, you did read correctly! As you may have noticed in the small print of the last issue, your Editor's carefree single days are now behind him - we did actually get married! Thus, it seems, I am deemed the honour of composing the editorial. (I think it's called the "Why bark yourself if ..." syndrome, isn't it?). Anyway, I'm told it pays to let them think they're winning for a while, so he's gotten away with it this time!...

Many thanks to all who contributed to this issue: your input is greatly appreciated - keep it coming! Articles form the organiser of Lidlington's various clubs and organisations have been readily provided, to keep everyone informed of forthcoming events. (Shell club sounds well worth checking out if, unlike me, you're not too old to get in!).

What we'd like to see in addition, is more widespread ENTHUSIASM, in the form of contributions from others in the village. So, if you have information to share, praise or congratulations to bestow, an interesting story to tell, articles for sale or wanted, or just feel tempted to speak your mind in the Moanies Corner, don't just think abut it, get in touch with any member of the production team to get it put into print. Also, anyone wishing to assist in the production of the Advertiser, just let us know - volunteers would be most welcome!

In this issue, we'd like especially, to promote the idea of increasing business/skills awareness within the village. We feature regular advertisements for most of the shops and the (now) better known businesses in the village, but there are others of which we've heard by word of mouth which have not yet made use of the Advertiser to advertise their products or skills. Advertising rates are very reasonable, so please contact us and maybe we can help your business by featuring it in the Advertiser. We know you're out their!!
Gill Haddaway (Editor's Wife)

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Gala Day 1996 The annual Lidlington Gala Day and Hill Race took place this year in the first Bank Holiday Monday of May as last year. Once again we were met with a dry and sunny day, and not quite as much wind as last year! With an increased number of stalls, and also more events this year, there was a great deal more to see and do, and the increase in the total number of visitors over last year underlined the point that the Gala Day is getting better each year. Story in full

Lidlington Station, 1964 Bedford to Bletchley Rail-Users A.G.M. More than 90 members and friends crowded into the Village Hall at Lidlington for the associations Annual General Meeting...
Story in full

Local NewsGreen Man Re-Roofed
I'm sure most of you noticed the Green Man having it's thatched Roof "re-topped". It was fascinating to watch what was only very recently considered a "dying art" obviously still alive and well

Local NewsFlies in your face...
Once again the village has been plagued this summer with flies. The air thick with them have driven folk inside and forced everyone to keep their windows firmly shut. It also seems strange that the problem seemed to get worse at weekends. Accusations have been aimed in all directions...

Local News"Romeo" Goes to Japan!
The Company have been invited to perform their adaptation of Shakespearian "Romeo and Juliet" at the Toyama International Drama Festival in front of the Prince and Princess of Japan, on September 30th 1996

Local NewsMoanies Corner: Men! Who needs them?
How many times have we heard the complaint that women have to do everything? We have all said it, at some stage of our involvement with men. Or at least thought it!

Local NewsLidlington - centre of the WWW
From Australia to Alaska, Bedford to Belgium, California to Switzerland, people from all over the world have been saying good things about Lidlington. At the end of 1995 Lidlington Online joined the World Wide Web on the Internet.... a massive, global, interactive magazine

Local NewsThomas Johnson School
It has been a very busy few months for the Parent and Teachers Association, with all the fund raising events "happening", and new ones being planned

Local NewsLidlington Parish Council
Clerk's Report, Street Lighting, Dog Fouling, Railway Line Fencing, Youth Activities, Speed Limits, Donations, Meetings

Local NewsLidlington SHELL Club
Come and enjoy half an hour of free time; listening to, or making music, playing pool, table-tennis or netball, or creating a masterpiece in our 'arty' corner, followed by half an hour of mayhem and laughter in out team activities

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